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About The Indian Healthcare Planning & Innovation Summit

India’s current spend on healthcare is about 1.4% of its GDP; ranking the world’s fastest growing economy at 130 (out of 189) in the UNDP Human Development Index Report. Various studies have shown rising out-of-pocket expenditures on healthcare, making it unaffordable and pushing millions of Indians below the poverty line annually. An estimated 469 million people in India do not have regular access to essential medicines. A staggering 63% of primary health centres do not have an operation theatre; 29% lacked a labour room; and community health centres are consistently short of specialists including surgeons, gynaecologists and paediatricians. Today global health care delivery is constantly being reinvented through rapidly evolving medical technology, and innovation in modifying care delivery models for an inclusive, integrated, and value-based care. Currently, the Indian healthcare sector is projected to be valued at over US$ 370 billion by 2022, employing an additional 500,000 people across the country. However, the provision for quality health care is largely ignored. Rising costs, poor health care infrastructure in rural areas, inconsistent quality, and shifting disease patterns with increase in lifestyles, and growing consumerism are some of the challenges that public and private service providers need to tackle imperatively to foster an inclusive health care sector. Building on the legacy of the previous Hospital Planning & Infrastructure events, IDEX bring together stakeholders from public and private institutions, and health care professionals from across the value chain at the inaugural Indian Healthcare Planning & Innovation Forum (HPI) focusing on the emerging challenges of the rapidly evolving sector, and enhancing collaboration to foster an inclusive and futuristic health care system in the country.